Ladda: A New Library for Client-Side Caching

This talk was given at ViennaJS July 2017 - Joint Meetup with React Vienna by Gernot Hoeflechner and Peter Crona.

Everyone wants to offer a snappy experience to their users, but it often comes at a cost. One common solution for increasing performance in a web application is to introduce client-side caching, but this quickly leads to increased complexity and subsequently an increased number of bugs.

In this talk we will present how we think caching should be tackled by showing Ladda, a library that we use in production at Small Improvements.
Just to reveal a little: Framework agnostic, no increase of complexity in your application code, simple specification of invalidation logic and of course open-source.

We will tell you what Ladda is and can do, and we will show you examples of why and how you can use Ladda.