Everyone has a story to tell

  • You have developed or contribute to an amazing framework or library? Tell us!
  • You just finished your first project with a new library? Talk about your learnings and your experiences!
  • You were brave and played with new unstable features? Present your insights!
  • You have a crazy side project on the weekend? We want to hear more!
  • You did something cool in your project? Share your trick!

Talks are ViennaJS are up to 30min long. First time presenters are very welcome. For questions just write to info@viennajs.org


Prepare your talk

Take the time to practice your talk. Improvising live on stage is nice, but have a well prepared backup.

Here's what you need to know:

  • You can select one of the three talk length options. Make sure not to exceed this limit
  • Your talk must be in English
  • Your slides should be in the format 16:9
  • Your screen will be recorded so your screen will be mirrored
  • We have a good internet connection for demos, but make sure you have a backup
  • (Ideally) your talk will be recorded and uploaded to the internet
  • After every talk there's a Q & A session. If you don't want one, please let us know


  • You can mention your company, products or events, but your talk should not be advertisement
  • We want to learn something interesting and new. Be original!
  • We like to see live demos, but keep the code short and readable
  • Your talk must must not be discriminate, shame or in any other way make people of different races, nationalities or sexual orientation feel unpleasant.

Preparing for screen recording:

To be able to record your talk, you are required to do a screen recording of your talk from your laptop (with audio) either in .mp4 or .mov formats ONLY (no html formats, .flv, .ogv etc...).

  • Make sure to test the screen recording plugin/software at home before the meet up to make sure everything is working properly (video, audio, no glitches etc.).

Get your software:

  • If you use Mac, we can use QuickTime to record the screen.
  • On Windows or Linux, third party software is required. Kindly install and use OBS