Why Sponsoring?

Besides the organisers, supporters and speakers, our sponsors are an ESSENTIAL part to keeping this going. They provide food and drinks, but more important, venue and cover travel for visiting speakers. 

Our experience shows that this form of sponsorship can be very effective to reach your target audience whether you are looking for developers to fill an open position or you just like to introduce your organisation or product to developers.

By supporting our community you enable us to provide a forum for discussion and exchange that does not come with an exclusive price tag, but is open for a broader group of participants that share a common interest.

What do you get?

In return for a contribution of 400 EUR net, we offer you the following:
 - 5min presentation on stage at the beginning of the event
 - Your organization would be mentioned on the event page with a logo and text and promoted via our official twitter logo
 - We will include you in 3 announcement emails that goes out to 2400+ members of ViennaJS
 - Knowing you are contributing to the amazing developer community

We accept 2 sponsors per event. You are welcome to bring flyers, stickers and other promo materials and put them on tables or chairs, banners only after consultation.


Longterm sponsoring

We also offer yearly sponsoring and promotion packages – all non-profit. Please write Roland at roland@viennajs.org for Details.


Free Conference Promotions

We like to promote conferences that are relevant to our visitors. Having discount code tailored for our meetup is even nicer. Having a ticket or two to raffle during the meetup is a blast! 

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