ViennaJS April 2016


Simple Mobile Development With Iconic

By Barbara Ondrisek

Ionic is the beautiful, open source front-end SDK for developing hybrid mobile apps with web technologies. By building only one single AngularJS web app with Cordova extensions you can deliver up to 8 different native mobile apps. With this talk Barbara will give you an overview about the features of this framework.  This great talk was held by Dr. Barbara Ondrisek at the monthly ViennaJS meetup in Vienna. You can find the slides used in this talk by Barbara right here:

Write Robust & Type-Safe JavaScript with Flow

By Patrick Stapfer

JavaScript is great because of it's rich and expressive syntax. On the other hand, the lack of type-enforcement, use of anonymous functions, dynamic function argument lists and contexts makes it very hard to document, analyse and safely execute code for both, humans and machines.  Besides TypeScript, there is another very powerful static type checker for JavaScript mostly utilised in the React ecosystem, called Flow. In this talk, I'll introduce you to it's basic features, how to set up an ES6 project with commonly used tools and highlight some pain points I had when I started writing typed JavaScript. This great talk was held by Patrick Stapfer at the monthly ViennaJS meetup in Vienna:

Eight shortcomings of the waterline ORM

By Lars Dieckow

I recently had the opportunity to investigate the sails.js Web framework. It comes with an ORM called waterline. In my experiments, I found some deficiencies and outright bugs.  This talk was held by Lars at the monthly ViennaJS meetup in Vienna:

Video rendering while swiping

By Michael Hettegger

We built a digital publishing tablet app for a major Austrian mobile network operator. The result is basically a digital magazine with our own developed swipe engine. In this talk we will show you our architecture, the swipe engine and the performance issues we had especially with rendering videos while swiping through the app and how we solved them.  This great talk was held by Michael Hettegger at the monthly ViennaJS meetup in Vienna: