ViennaJS October 2015


Why Page Transitions Matter

By Roland Schütz

Roland gives a small talk explaining the reasons why you should care about page transitions and what you can do.

D3.js - Data driven visualizations

By Christoph Körner

After explaining the main principles of D3 (Data transformations, Data joins, Update pattern), Christoph will focus on visualizations (Charts, Graphics, Games, etc.) with D3 (Drawing Shapes, Paths, Axis, Transitions, etc.). In the end, you will see some demos and real life examples. This great talk was held by Christoph Körner at the monthly ViennaJS meetup in Vienna.

JavaScript and its Web server gateway interfaces

By Lars Dieckow

An introduction and status-quo summary for backend web developers. This great talk was held by Lars Dieckow at the monthly ViennaJS meetup in Vienna.


By Szmozsánszky István

JavaScript since its inception has been continously kept lowering the barrier of entry for software development. After the web, servers, mobile and desktop apps the new frontier is JavaScript-driven hardware & electronics.After Arduino & the Raspberry Pi paved the way, node brought JavaScript to the hardware (with johnny-five and similar libraries), and now several low-cost dedicated JS-based microcontroller exists that one can use to dive in and turn bits and blobs into beeps and blinks. After a short intro I'll show how this works, and how can one start hacking hardware in 5 minutes with the Espruino, Tessel and even a sneak-peek into the brand-new Tessel2 to be released next month. This great talk was held by István Szmozsánszky at the monthly ViennaJS meetup in Vienna.