ViennaJS January 2016


Everything from Scratch vs. Libraries all the way

By Franz Enzenhofer

a.k.a. vs A short talk about coding experiences: what happens if you code everything without any 3rd party crap vs. what happens if you use awesome libraries and stop caring about low level stuff.

Exploring ES6

By Max Stoiber

Wondering what all the fuss with ES6 is about? Max Stoiber (@mxstbr), co-organizer of the React Vienna meetup, gives you a quick and simple overview. First he explains the confusion about the acronyms (ES5, ES6, ES2016 & TC39), before introducing some of his favorite new features in JavaScript.

Dr. Strangelove - or how I learned to stop worrying and love Javascript

By Jakob Reiter

- Coercion and dynamical typing problems, e.g. why (2 > 1 > 0) == false - Hoisting and Lexical Environment - What and What? - Why first class functions are awesome and why the new class keyword is a mistake IMHO this, that, self, _proto_, code FTW - What is a closure - and why the fu** does it actually work <- this took me some time -The mystery of null - or the history of a "bug" - Why javascript can't calculate properly

"I am trying to work but nothing happens!"

By Alex Staenke

You are always busy but somehow nothing really get’s done? Or at least not the stuff that should have gotten done? There’s always something that’s gotten in the way of starting the important tasks on time? Welcome to procrastination! Procrastination is defined as "delaying the beginning or completing of an intended course of action". Believe it or not but there is a mountain of scientific research on this topic. Really! Let’s understand once and for all why procrastination happens and what you can do about it. The talk will also cover tipps, tricks and recommendations on how to get stuff done.