ViennaJS October 2018


Our new ViennaJS brand

By Mato Vincetic

Mato will present our new logo, brand and style.

Lessons learned re-writing Neos CMS UI with ReactJS

By Dmitri Pisarev

Image your task would be to build one of the biggest open source ReactJS applications. Dmitri has exactly that experience as a Neos CMS core member. Neos CMS is a modern open source content management system. The administration area is very complex because it offers full inline editing of content. So the React application has to play nicely with arbitrary code from site developers. Based on ReactJS, Redux, Redux-Saga, and Immutable.js the Neos UI project has almost 100.000 lines of code over 5.027 commits.  Dmitri brings us along the rather exciting journey rewriting the User Interface from Ember into ReactJS. The team solved a number of long-standing technical challenges and learned a few lessons along the way. Join the talk to hear the story, both from a technical and a project management perspective.

Improving server rendering performance of React

By Daniel Stein

Using React and server-side rendering doesn't automatically give you the best performance. In this talk, I'll describe additional steps we took to improve page speeds in our new React architecture. Most of these steps are not limited to React and can be reused in other frontend applications easily. 

Micro Frontends with Single Page Applications

By Elias Dräxler

A micro frontend approach can make your life easier. We will look at different kind of micro frontend architectures and their benefits and drawbacks. I will explain and demonstrate how to use these techniques to achieve a modular frontend architecture using SPAs.