Make your Google Apps talk to each other

This talk was given at ViennaJS April 2018 by Diana Vysoka.

I am sure that you use Google Sheets to organize your data and that you are familiar with the built-in functions, too. Just imagine a huge sheet with hundreds of columns and rows. Now try to edit them, analyze and send particular information via Gmail, find addresses in Google Maps and create hundreds of events in Google Calendar, all based on the information from the sheet. Does not sound that easy anymore, does it? When it comes to advanced tasks, the built-in functions might not be sufficient and too much of manual activity might be needed. Not an ideal scenario for us, developers. Thanks god, there is another and more powerful way to process and edit the data using JavaScript. Let me show you how to solve all of these problems using this beautiful language in your Google Apps! This session contains a lot of good information in slides as well as live coding.