We love talks

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Give a talk at ViennaJS

We love all sorts of talks.

  • You have developed or contribute to an amazing framework or library? Tell us!
  • You just finished your first project with a new library? Talk about your learnings and your experiences!
  • You were brave and played with new unstable features. Present your insights!
  • You have a crazy side project on the weekend. We want to hear more!

Talks are ViennaJS are up 20min long. First time presenters are very welcome. Just write us an email to mail@rolandschuetz.at

Prepare your talk

You are interested in giving a talk? That's great!


  • You are allowed to mention your company. You are not allowed to advertise products or tell the audience that you are hiring.
  • We want to see code and we want to learn something interesting!
  • You need to send a first version of slides a few days before, to see if the talk matches with our values.

Here's what you need to know:

  • The talk should be 15-20min, after that there is a hard end
  • Your slides should be in the format 16:9
  • We have a good internet connection for demos
  • (If you like) your talk will be recorded and uploaded to the internet.
  • Please send us a talk title and short discription for the meetup page
  • Please send us the link to your meetup.com profile and a speaker photo

Preparing for screen recording:

To be able to record your talk, you are required to do a screen recording of your talk from your laptop (with audio) either in .mp4 or .mov formats ONLY (no html formats, .flv, .ogv etc...).

  • Make sure to test the screen recording plugin/software at home before the meet up to make sure everything is working properly (video, audio, no glitches etc.).

Get your software:

  • If you use Mac, we can use QuickTime Pro to record the screen.
  • On Windows or Linux, third party software is required. Kindly install and
    use OBS